C'è più Spazio in Toscana

ToscanaSpazio, il cluster aerospaziale della Toscana

The mission

The ToscanaSpazio Association has the following main objectives:

  • to create a wide network of companies and research institutions throughout Tuscany able to guide,  promote and increase the value    of cultural, training and research activities in the Aerospace division;
  • to exchange and expand the knowledge of members relevant to the different fields, thus keeping the valuable technical, scientific and business know-how in the Aerospace sector within Tuscany;
  • to promote the development and growth of excellence within the sectors in Tuscany;
  • to enhance the complementary nature of groups and create synergies which can jointly invest in their future;
  • to encourage the effective participation of members and affiliates in public and private funders.


The ToscanaSpazio Association will act as a catalyst and facilitator of ideas able to bring together its members and increase their competitiveness so that they can have access to private and public funding, and to encourage business growth in Tuscany, including   contributions from institutions and companies outside the region.

Our values are a openness, transparency, identity, commitment.