C'è più Spazio in Toscana

ToscanaSpazio, il cluster aerospaziale della Toscana

The Association

The non-profit Association ToscanaSpazio was established on December 1st, 2011, by a group of 14 Founding Associates.

The members can be either individual people or legal entities including industries, SME, Research Centers, etc.. All the members will always count as one.

Affiliation is possible for organisations or individuals outside Tuscany or external to the aerospace sector.

The boards of the association are the General Assembly, the Steering Council (6-9 members), the President, the Executive Director. The duration of all positions is two years, for a maximum of two consecutive terms.

The first General Assembly elected the following Steering Council: Presidente of ToscanaSpazio is prof. Marco Luise (Università di Pisa, Dipartimento di Ingegneria dell’Informazione), Executive Director, is ing. Sabino Titomanlio (M.B.I.), Vicepresident is Dr. Bruno Casali (Ingegneria dei Sistemi).

Other members of the Steering Council are prof. Enrico Del Re (CNIT), Dr. Erina Ferro (CNR-ISTI), ing. Francesco Petroni (Sitael), prof. Salvo Marcuccio (Università di Pisa, Dipartimento di Ingegneria Aerospaziale).