C'è più Spazio in Toscana

ToscanaSpazio, il cluster aerospaziale della Toscana

The Association

The nonprofit association ToscanaSpazio was established on December 1, 2011, by 14 Founding Associates.

Any organisation with at least one operating office in Tuscany and demonstrable activity in the aerospace sector is eligible for membership in ToscanaSpazio.

The governing bodies are the General Assembly, the Board of Directors, and the President. In the Assembly, the Associates all cast one vote regardless of their nature and size.

The President of ToscanaSpazio is Prof. Salvo MARCUCCIO

The Vice President of ToscanaSpazio is Mr. Giuseppe SGRÒ

The Executive Director of ToscanaSpazio is Dr. Bruno CASALI

The Board of Directors includes the following members:

  • Marco ANDRENACCI (M.B.I.)
  • Filippo CARRARESI (SkyEye Systems)
  • Bruno CASALI (WaveUp)
  • Roberto LAPINI ( Pasquali Group )
  • Salvo MARCUCCIO (University of Pisa, Department of Civil and Industrial Engineering).
  • Francesco PETRONI (Aerospazio Tecnologie)
  • Giuseppe SGRÒ ( Compolab)

The institution of affiliation is provided to allow the participation of non-Tuscan organisations, not belonging to the aerospace sector, and of external observers. An Affiliate joins ToscanaSpazio with the same rights and duties as any other associate, but has no formal representation in the Association's bodies.

The 2024 annual fee for associates and affiliates is EUR 500.

For more information write to: info@toscanaspazio.it