C'è più Spazio in Toscana

ToscanaSpazio, il cluster aerospaziale della Toscana

About us

About us

"Trovare più Spazio, in Toscana" (“Find more Space, in Tuscany”) is the motto coined by the group of key experts working in the Aerospace field who founded the non-profit association “ToscanaSpazio”.


Trovare più Spazio” (“Find more Space”) means striving hard towards the recognition of Tuscany’s excellence  in the field of Aerospace, in addition to all the other well-established and maybe more widely-known  sectors such as fashion, tourism, and the Arts.


Trovare più Spazio”  means creating a HORIZONTAL initiative, which hosts all the organizations operating in the Aersospace field within the Tuscany region, which can come from many different fields (environmental monitoring, telecommunications, structures and propulsion, etc.)


"Trovare più Spazio" means also promoting a series of VERTICAL activities, with the am of grouping together organizations  with specific expertise in technology (e.g. propulsion) or services (e.g. satellite navigation).


Finally, "Trovare più Spazio" means joining together to increase the competitiveness of the Aerospace division and promoting the opportunity to use the well-established technical, scientific and managerial skills already available in Tuscany, rather than elsewhere.